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Hostel Villa Domus  Instant Confirmation
Vojkovo nabrežje 12, Koper
Hostel Villa Domus Hostel Villa Domus brings fresh and space for your ideal vacation.
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport64 km Distance to Beach700 m Distance to Highway1 km Distance to Shop50 m
Distance to Town Centre250 m Distance to Public Transportation1 km 
Garni hotel Pristan  Confirmation upon Inquiry
Ferrarska ul. 30, Koper
Garni hotel Pristan Garni Hotel Pristan is a four-star hotel, located at the edge of the historical centre of the city of Koper, where the past and the present are intertwined.
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Distance to Airport15 km (Portorož)
123 km (Ljubljana)
 Distance to Beach50 m Distance to Highway200 m Distance to Shop10 m
Distance to Town Centre50 m Distance to Public Transportation400 m 
Aquapark Hotel Žusterna  Confirmation upon Inquiry
Istrska 67, Koper
Aquapark Hotel Žusterna This hotel is located near the sea in Žusterna, in the vicinity of Koper. The friendly personnel of the hotel makes it possible that your stay at the coast will be a most pleasant and sunny one regardless the external weather conditions.
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Distance to Airport126 km Distance to BeachNearby Distance to Town Centre3,5 km Distance to Public Transportation2,5 km
Hotel Bio  Confirmation upon Inquiry
Vanganelska 2, Koper
Hotel Bio The hotel location with a big parking place is particullary suitable for bigger tourist groups and for all who would like to celebrate their important events like weddings and birthdays…
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Distance to Airport126 km Distance to HighwayClose Distance to Town Centre3 km Distance to Public Transportation1,3 km
Hotel Koper  Confirmation upon Inquiry
Pristaniška 3, Koper
Hotel Koper In the centre of Koper, the charming Mediterranean town with its rich cultural past, and situated close to the sea lies the city-hotel Koper***.
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Distance to Airport125 km 
Hotels 1 - 5 of 10 hotels << < 1 2 > >>
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