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Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is a modern and lively city with much to offer. Visit the Central food market, the panoramic Ljubljana Castle tower, the numeours cafes along the Ljubljanica riverbanks, the Prešern Square, famous Triple Bridge & Dragon Bridge and much more... Ljubljana's visitors can also enjoy many cultural events, museums and galleries.

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B&B Slamič  Instant Confirmation
Kersnikova ulica 1, Ljubljana
B&B Slamič Central location with private parking makes Ljubljana easy to explore. All main sightseeing are within walking distance.
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport20 km Distance to Highway10 min Distance to ShopNearby Distance to Town Centre400 m
Distance to Public Transportation700 m 
Hiša Pod Gradom  Instant Confirmation
Streliška ulica 10, Ljubljana
Hiša Pod Gradom Welcome!
Hiša Pod Gradom (House Under the Castle), unique combination of charm of an old historical house and mondernly furnished apartments with all necessary appliances offers you a comfortable stay.
We guarantee a professional approach, dealing with each guest's wishes and needs individually.
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport21km Distance to Beach130km Distance to Highway3km Distance to Shop100m
Distance to Ski Slope25km Distance to Town Centre150m Distance to Public Transportation100m 
Hotel Pok  Instant Confirmation
Podpeška cesta 3, Brezovica pri Ljubljani
Hotel Pok Na stičišču starodavnih transportnih poti, zgodovine, utripa lokalnega in pristnega domačega v naš hotel vabimo vse, ki ljubite umetnost, spoštujete tradicijo in radi vstopate v avtentične svetove lokalnih identitet. Pri nas živijo zgodbe preteklosti in ljubezen do avtentičnega v vseh pogledih. Dobrodošli...
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport30 km Distance to Highway500 m Distance to Ski Slope45 km Distance to Town Centre8,5 km/15min
Distance to Public Transportation50 m 
Apartmaji Tromostovje  Instant Confirmation
Cankarjevo Nabrežje 5, Ljubljana
Apartmaji Tromostovje River view apartments are the perfect combination of elegance and creativity for an unforgettable stay in the heart of Ljubljana.
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport27 km Distance to Highway4 km Distance to Shop85m Distance to Ski Slope30 km
Distance to Town CentreIn the city centre Distance to Public Transportation1km 
Bed & Breakfast Dežela okusov  Instant Confirmation
Eipprova ulica 11, Ljubljana
Bed & Breakfast Dežela okusov We offer two double en suite bedrooms, each of them provide private balcony, and one double en suite bedroom without balcony. We also offer six small twin/double rooms and two small single rooms offering shared facilities.
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Partner Hotel
Distance to Airport21 km Distance to Beach110 km Distance to Highway3 km Distance to Shop0,7 km
Distance to Ski Slope35 km Distance to Town Centre0,5 km Distance to Public Transportation1,8 km 
Hotels 1 - 5 of 69 hotels << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 > >>
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