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Bed&Breakfast Karun  *** Instant Confirmation
Pšenična Polica 11, Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Bed&Breakfast Karun In a small village called Pšenična Polica is located Bed & Breakfast Karun. We invite you to visit us and experience a beauty of Gorenjska Region.
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Distance to Airport6 km Distance to Highway8 km Distance to Shop1,5 km Distance to Ski SlopeKrvavec 6 km
Distance to Town Centre30 km Distance to Public TransportationNearby 
Gostišče Češnar  *** Confirmation upon Inquiry
Slovenska cesta 39, Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Gostišče Češnar Guesthouse ČEŠNAR is situated in Cerklje, Gorenjska region, only 4 km from Aerodrom Ljubljana (main international airport in Slovenia) and 4 km from gondola to Krvavec ski-resort one of the most popular and modern ski-resorts in Slovenia.
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Distance to Airport4 km Distance to Highway5 km Distance to Shop500 m Distance to Ski Slope4 km
Distance to Town Centre300 m Distance to Public Transportation13 km (Kranj) 
Hotel Vodnik  **** Confirmation upon Inquiry
Adergas 27, Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Hotel Vodnik
Description not available

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Distance to Airport4 km Distance to Shop3 km Distance to Ski Slope3 km 
Penzion Tia  ** Confirmation upon Inquiry
Ambrož pod Krvavcem 48, Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Penzion Tia Welcome to 'Penzion Tia'!
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Distance to Airport8 km Distance to Highway8 km Distance to Ski Slopeon the ski slope Distance to Town Centre5 km
Distance to Public Transportation24 km 
Dvor Jezeršek  *** Confirmation upon Inquiry
Zgornji Brnik 63, Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Dvor Jezeršek Welcome to hotel Dvor Jezeršek!
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Distance to Airport3 km Distance to Ski Slope4 km (Ski slope Krvavec) 
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