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Hotel Marita  Potvrda po upitu
Obala 89, Portorož
Hotel Marita Hotel Marita is located in peaceful surroundings near the coast, in a wonderful park with Mediterranean plants, near the center of Portorož, yet enough removed so that guests who are looking for peace and quiet are not disturbed by all the commotion of the worldly seaside resort.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma143 km (Ljubljana)
79 km (Ronchi)
 Udaljenost od plaženearby Udaljenost od centra gradanearby Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza16 km
Grand Hotel Bernardin  Potvrda po upitu
Obala 2, Portorož
Grand Hotel Bernardin The Grand Hotel Bernardin is the first and largest hotel and convention centre in Slovenia. This high quality hotel providing remarkable tourist services is located in a quiet and natural environment between Piran and Portorose, directly overlooking the sea.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma142 km (Ljubljana)
78 km (Ronchi)
 Udaljenost od plaže10 m Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza17 km 
Grand Hotel Portorož  Potvrda po upitu
Obala 33, Portorož
Grand Hotel Portorož Grand Hotel Portoroz is an exclusive five-star hotel situated in the very heart of Portoroz, right by the sea, offering all the comforts of a five-star hotel.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma141 km (Ljubljana)
77 km (Ronchi)
 Udaljenost od trgovinenearby Udaljenost od centra gradain the centre Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza16 km
Hotel Apollo  Potvrda po upitu
Obala 33, Portorož
Hotel Apollo Located a stones throw from the main promenade, on a gentle slope, embraced by a shadow of pine trees and set amidst green and kind atmosphere lies the Apollo hotel.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma141 km (Ljubljana)
77 km (Ronchi)
 Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza16 km 
Hotel Barbara  Potvrda po upitu
Obala 77, Portorož
Hotel Barbara The hotel is situated on a slope and sheltered by greenery. Giant cypress trees protect it from noise and bustle, enabling its guests to enjoy undisturbed rest and relaxation. The hotel was built in 1970 and was fully refurbished in 2004.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma141 km (Ljubljana)
77 km (Ronchi)
 Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza16 km 
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