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Bungalovi Ptuj  *** Potvrda po upitu
Pot v Toplice 9, Ptuj
Bungalovi Ptuj These charming bungalows are located in the green oasis of Terme Ptuj.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma130 km (Ljubljana) Udaljenost od plaže200 m Udaljenost od centra grada2,5 km 
Grand Hotel Primus  **** Potvrda po upitu
Pot v toplice 9, Ptuj
Grand Hotel Primus Grand hotel Primus, modern 4* hotel with wellnes center, sauna and water area, conference and seminar places and only 200 meters from golf place. Hotel will offer refreshment and relaxation for every body.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma130 km (Ljubljana) Udaljenost od centra grada2,5 km 
Hotel Mitra  *** Potvrda po upitu
Prešernova 6, Ptuj
Hotel Mitra Hotel Mitra lies below the famous Ptuj castle, the hotel is know for its tradition, the memory of the mighty roman cult of the "good" after which the hotel was named, the genuine medieval architecture, the civil culture of the past inhabitants, the reputation of being Ptuj's oldest coffee-house as well as the love for ethnological specialties and culinary and wine experiences.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma140 km (Ljubljana) Udaljenost od autoceste9 km Udaljenost od trgovine200 m Udaljenost od skijališta20 km
Udaljenost od centra grada100 m Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza100 m 
Hotel Roškar  *** Potvrda po upitu
Hajdoše 43c, Ptuj
Hotel Roškar Its colorful surrounding, friendly people and closeness to the city of Ptuj have been attracting guests from all around the world for many years.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma131 km (Ljubljana) Udaljenost od centra grada2 km 
Hotel & Casino Poetovio  *** Potvrda po upitu
Vinarski trg 5, Ptuj
Hotel & Casino Poetovio Conveniently located in the center of Slovenia's oldest city 'Ptuj', within striking distance of numerous iconic attractions and city's key destinations, Hotel & Casino Poetovio offers pleasant contemporary accommodations with personalized service allowing each guest to truly enjoy the historically rich and captivating surrounding.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma130 km (Ljubljana) Udaljenost od centra grada0,7 km Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza400 m 
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