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B&B Slamič  *** Trenutna potvrda
Kersnikova ulica 1, Ljubljana
B&B Slamič Central location with private parking makes Ljubljana easy to explore. All main sightseeing are within walking distance.
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Partner Hotel
Udaljenost od aerodroma20 km Udaljenost od autoceste10 min Udaljenost od trgovineNearby Udaljenost od centra grada400 m
Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza700 m 
Hiša Pod Gradom  **** Trenutna potvrda
Streliška ulica 10, Ljubljana
Hiša Pod Gradom Welcome!
Hiša Pod Gradom (House Under the Castle), unique combination of charm of an old historical house and mondernly furnished apartments with all necessary appliances offers you a comfortable stay.
We guarantee a professional approach, dealing with each guest's wishes and needs individually.
We are at your disposal 24/7 during your stay.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Team Hiša Pod Gradom
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Partner Hotel
Udaljenost od aerodroma21km Udaljenost od plaže130km Udaljenost od autoceste3km Udaljenost od trgovine100m
Udaljenost od skijališta25km Udaljenost od centra grada150m Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza100m 
Koča Planina nad Vrhniko  * Trenutna potvrda
Stara Vrhnika 154, Vrhnika
Koča Planina nad Vrhniko Lodge Planina above Vrhnika is a mountain hut, which offers an accommodation in a big dorm room with 15 beds and it is cyclist friendly accommodation.
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Partner Hotel
Udaljenost od aerodroma42 km Udaljenost od autoceste10 km Udaljenost od trgovinein towncenter Udaljenost od centra gradanearby (9 km)
Ambient hotel  *** Trenutna potvrda
Aškerčeva ulica 6a, Domžale
Ambient hotel Ambient hotel is located in a quiet green environment at the doorstep of Ljubljana. With its position and accessibility, it remains an ideal location for both business and individual guests.
Hotel capacities consist of 70 rooms (30 single and 40 double rooms), room structure is suitable for accommoding tourist groups and individual guests simultaneously. The hotel also offers three conference rooms and a picnic area. Thai Nan massage center is located in the first floor, they offer thai massages, saunas and a jacuzzi. A large parking lot in front of the hotel is available for our guests completely free of charge. The hotel reception is open 24/7, the hotel bar also operates every day of the week.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma20 km Udaljenost od autoceste3 km Udaljenost od trgovine1 km Udaljenost od skijališta22 km
Udaljenost od centra grada22 km Udaljenost od javnog prijevozabus and train station 1,5 km 
Apartmaji Tromostovje  *** Trenutna potvrda
Cankarjevo Nabrežje 5, Ljubljana
Apartmaji Tromostovje River view apartments are the perfect combination of elegance and creativity for an unforgettable stay in the heart of Ljubljana.
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Partner Hotel
Udaljenost od aerodroma27 km Udaljenost od autoceste4 km Udaljenost od trgovine85m Udaljenost od skijališta30 km
Udaljenost od centra gradaIn the city centre Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza1km 
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