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Hotel Dvor  Trenutna potvrda
Kozana71, Dobrovo v Brdih
Hotel Dvor Dvor, with its origins in an old medieval estate in the rustic wine growing region of Brda, has been faithfully restored to preserve the typical architecture of the region. An enclosed ambiance gives Dvor a relaxed character and an intimate atmosphere. From the terraces and the balconies you can enjoy...
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Hotel Soča  Trenutna potvrda
LEDINA 2, Bovec
Hotel Soča The Soča Hotel is located in the heart of Bovec. The carefully chosen location impresses with its attractive views of the peaks that surround valley and offers you a relaxing retreat from everyday life. In addition to nineteen modernly designed rooms, you can also find Soča Rafting Sports Center in our...
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Hotel Sanje Ob Soči  Trenutna potvrda
Mala Vas 105 a, Bovec
Hotel Sanje Ob Soči The Hotel Sanje ob Soci is located at the entrance of Bovec, just 500 meters from the centre. A wonderful view allows you to see the Bovec basin and splendid Julian Alps.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma95 km (Ronchi - ITA) Udaljenost od trgovine50 m Udaljenost od skijališta3 km Udaljenost od centra grada500 m
Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza300 m 
Hotel Dobra Vila  Trenutna potvrda
Mala Vas 112, Bovec
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Udaljenost od aerodroma110 km Udaljenost od skijalištanearby
(Ski center Kanin)
(ski slope Čezsoča)
 Udaljenost od centra grada200 m 
Hotel Lucija, Most na Soči  Potvrda po upitu
Most na Soči 57, Most na Soči
Hotel Lucija, Most na Soči The Lucija Hotel is situated in the centre of the town, in the vicinity of the lake which is the town's main attraction. Even though the lake is artificial it still retains the unique emerald colour of the Soča river. It also provides the town with a peaceful atmosphere and lots of recreational possibilities.
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Udaljenost od aerodroma86 km Udaljenost od centra gradain the centre Udaljenost od javnog prijevoza1,5 km 
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