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Hotel Lek 
Vršiška cesta 38, Kranjska Gora
Hotel Lek is situated near the center of Kranjska Gora, in the forests under the ski-slopes of Vitranc. It successfully combines nature with comfort, exquisite taste with modern facilities, and tradition with sophistication.
Apartmaji Vitranc 
Borovška cesta 95, Kranjska Gora
Its position in the immediate vicinity of the ski slopes and the high-standard furnishings and amenities of the apartments are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding guests.
Hotel Alpina 
Vitranska ulica 12, Kranjska Gora
Due to its cosy and relaxed atmosphere, families particularly favour the Alpina hotel. Among points in its favour is its location right on the ski slope, which enables you to simply step out of the hotel and start skiing in winter or take one of the many walking paths in other seasons.
Hotel Kompas Kranjska Gora 
Borovška cesta 100, Kranjska Gora
The Kompas Hotel lies right at the foot of the ski slopes, surrounded by a vast hotel garden and green meadows.
Hotel Kotnik 
Borovška cesta 75, Kranjska Gora
In the center of Kranjska Gora there is a Family Hotel - nice, warm, with all hospitality which waits for your visit.
Hotel Miklič 
Vitranška 13, Kranjska Gora
Hotel Miklič is a four-star hotel located amidst beautiful mountains in the town of Kranjska gora, at the foothills of Vitranc and right next to a ski slope.
Hotel Špik 
Jezero 21, Kranjska Gora
The value and beauty of nature is reflected in the hotel’s story. The offer of the Špik hotel is based on the unique and natural Alpine world, stressing its sustainable character and an awareness of natural beauty and tradition. These important values cover the relationship with the local community,...
Korona, Casinò & Hotel 
Vršiška cesta 23, Kranjska Gora
The elegant four-star hotel is situated within the entertainment centre known as the HIT Hotel Casino Kranjska Gora. In the pleasant Korona hotel you will discover a comfortable corner of paradise.
Penzion Lipa, Kranjska Gora 
Koroška cesta 14, Kranjska Gora
Pension Lipa is located in the very center of Kranjska gora. It is a smaller family hotel.
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