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Hotel Zala Piran 
Gregorčičeva ulica 38a, Piran
Piran is a medieval Venetian town on a small stretch of Slovenian coast. The hotel is located in the center of the old town however few hundred meters from all the concert and party places so that you can enjoy your night sleep. Daily farms market is few minutes away as also two markets, butchers and...
74 - 99 EUR Na sobo
VAL - Youth Hostel & Garni hotel 
Gregorčičeva 38a, Piran
Piran, "the pearl of the Slovenian coast", is an ancient town known for its fishing, salt production, culture, and tourist tradition.
Historical richness gathered in our town represents a natural scenery for religious, cultural, and other typically Mediterra-nean traditional events which...
Hotel Barbara Fiesa 
Fiesa 68, Piran
Hotel Barbara in Fiesa lies in the most beautiful, greenest and quitest part of the Slovenian coast. It is situated in the bay between Piran and Strunjan and near Portorož.
Hotel Fiesa 
Fiesa 57, Piran
Hotel Fiesa is located in Fiesa bay, one of the pearls amongst Slovenian bays, near the tourist resorts of Piran and Portorož.
Hotel Piran 
Stjenkova ulica 1, Piran
In the hotel Piran we are already impatiently waiting for sunny days and our visitors are more than welcome to visit us in our newly renovated capacities.
Hotel Tartini 
Tartinijev Trg 15, Piran
The Tartini hotel is located in the centre of the town Piran, on the Tartini square. One of the few hotels in Slovenia that still maintain their traditional character, it offers everything you need for a romantic weekend or a pleasant holiday in a peaceful and relaxed environment. The kind and helpful...
Apartmaji Bevk 
Marxova 13, Prežihova ulica 4, Piran
If you were dropped in Piran and then left alone, your first impression would be: where am I in Venice? Well Piran was once under Venetian republic which you can see by the buildings and narrow streets. And there are more things to discover. Right there, in the middle of Piran, there are two typical...
Apartmaji Jazz 
Zelenjavni trg 5, Piran
Completely renovated JAZZ apartments in the centre of Piran, at Zelenjavni trg (Market Square). There are only 100 m to the beach, grosery shops and market square are very close. Furniture is nice and modern, studio-type of appartment, kitchen, bath room, TV, air-condition...
Apartmaji Lavanda Portorož 
Fiesa 51a, Piran
Welcome to Apartments Lavanda Portorož!
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