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Hotel Bellevue, Šmarjetna gora 
Šmarjetna gora 6, Kranj
The Bellevue hotel is situated in beautiful, natural environment on a small hill above the city Kranj.
Hotel Brdo 
Predoslje 39, Kranj
Business hotel Brdo lies on the edge of a former castle estate which today serves as a beautiful park.
Hotel Creina 
Koroška cesta 5, Kranj
The hotel is located in the center of Kranj. Through centuries the name of the town Kranj was changed from Carnium, Creina, to Chreinberg. The hotel »Creina« is named after one.
Apartmaji Boltez 
Oldhamska c. 10a, Kranj
At the foothills of the Alps, in the traditional regional centre of city Kranj, there is the house full of simple comfort. It is designed as a complete unit of nice and up-to-date apartments.
Gostišče Aleš 
Breg ob Savi 38, Mavčiče, Kranj
Modern inn, with broad selection of high quality food that can be compared to any selected dish made by hotel chefs. Carefully controlled by the third generation of the inn owners, in Aleš’ kitchen dishes are prepared for connoisseurs and gourmets.
12 double rooms.
Gostišče Arvaj 
Kajuhova 2, Kranj
The Arvaj inn is located near the Kokrica bridge in Kranj.
It is ideally located between Brnik airport (6 km), Ljubljana (20 km) and Bled (25 km).
Hotel Actum 
Prešernova ulica 6, Kranj
Is the newest hotel in the historical centre of Kranj within steps of monuments, shops and museums.
Hotel Azul 
Šuceva ulica 27, Kranj
Hotel Azul is a newly built hotel near Ljubljana airport, located on the suburbs of town Kranj in the new commercial center.
Prenočišča Dežman 
Betonova 2, Kranj
We are situated in the heart of Gorenjska or Upper Carniola, in the village of Kokrica, on Beton street 2, by the main road Kranj- Golnik in the near vicinity of the Mercator center.
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