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Apartma Marijan Zalokar 
Ribčev Laz 56, Bohinjsko jezero
Apartment Marijan Zalokar is located in a great location, just a few steps away from Lake Bohinj, ideal for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Bohinj.
A water park with swimming pools and saunas is just 6 km away, while the Vogel Ski Resort is just 5 km away, perfect for winter sports...
Apartma Planika 
Stara Fužina 250, Bohinjsko jezero
Apartment Planika is located on the edge of the village Stara Fužina, in the vicinity of the Bohinj lake and 6 km from Ski center Vogel.
Apartma Zupanc Marija 
Stara Fužina 103, Bohinjsko jezero
Apartment Marija Zupanc is located in Stara Fužina, in a peaceful area near a bus station, store, and restaurant. The apartment provides stunning views of the Mostnica River and Mount Triglav, making it a great location for nature enthusiasts.

Guests can enjoy the outdoor garden and barbecue...
Apartmaji Štros Dominika 
Stara Fužina 83, Bohinjsko jezero
The apartment house is located 1 km from the Bohinj lake and 6 km from Ski center Vogel.
Apartmaji Urh Marija 
Stara Fužina 56, Bohinjsko jezero
Apartments and private rooms Marija Urh are a great choice option for individuals who want to experience Lake Bohinj’s natural beauty while also having an active vacation in nature. They are located in Stara Fužina, just 1 km from Lake Bohinj, and there is a grocery store, bus station, and restaurant...
Apartmaji Zupanc Ivanka 
Ukanc 93, Bohinjsko jezero
The apartments are located 700 m from the Bohinj lake and 750m from ski center Vogel.
Počitniška hiša Taler 
Ukanc 61, Bohinjsko jezero
The holiday house is located 100 m from the Bohinj lake and 400 m from the Ski center Vogel.
Turistična kmetija pri Miklavu 
Stara Fužina 129, Bohinjsko jezero
Farmhouse Pri Miklavu is located in the village Stara Fužina, 6 km from the Ski center Vogel and 1 km from the Bohinj lake.
Apartma Alpinea 
Ribčev Laz 79, Bohinjsko jezero
Apartment Alpinea is in a great location, just a few minutes walk from Lake Bohinj, which is certainly one of Slovenia's most beautiful natural attractions. It is also very close to shops, post offices, and restaurants, which is very convenient for everyday needs.
The surrounding countryside...
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