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Hotel Zeleni gaj 
Banovci 1a, Veržej

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Hotelsko naselje Zeleni gaj 
Banovci 1a, Veržej
Hotel resort Zeleni gaj awaits you in the middle of untouched nature, far away from industrial centres, but with all comforts and cosiness. Every step you take will be accompanied by small details that will make your stay more beautiful, pleasant and cosy. A few steps from the hotel reception begins...
Sončna hiša, boutique hotel 
Banovci 3c, Veržej
The Sun House is an oasis, offering once and again a pure excitement of being. The five spacious and luxuriously furnished suites of the newly built villa, hidden in the rural part of Prlekija region, are able to accommodate only up to 13 guests at a time and offer you discretion and comfort you need.
Mobilne hiške "Hiške med brajdami" 
Banovci 1a, Veržej

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